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Treaty 6 Territory and the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Flag Raising Ceremony - October 25th, 2013

City Hall, Saskatoon, SK

On September 9, 2013, the City of Saskatoon approved a report to fly the Treaty 6 Territory and the Métis Nation - Saskatchewan flag in front of Saskatoon City Hall alongside the Canada, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon flags. This decision is of culmination of several years of relationship building with the First Nations and Metis communities.


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Congratulates all athletes on the

Saskatchewan First Nations Summer Games 2013

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What Do Indians Want?

A Special Production by the

Students of Indian Communication Arts

at the First Nations University of Canada

Aboriginal and non-aboriginal students were paried up to look at each story through their own lens. The result was an understanding that while we are different, manuy of the things we want are the same.

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Success of Urban Reserves

Presentations to the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba

February 13th, 2013

L-R Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Councillor Harry J. Lafond, Saskatoon Mayor, His Worship Don Atchison and Manitoba Treaty Commissioner James Wilson





Treaty Land Entitlement 20th Anniversary

September 22, 1992 - September 22, 2012

3rd Row Left to Right

Chief Clarence Stone, Chief Harry Lafond, Chief Richard John, Chief Peter Bill, Chief Gerald Swiftwolfe, Chief Gabriel Gopher, Chief Wayne Standinghorn, Chief Charles Paddy, Chief Frank Iron, Chief Louis George, Chief Ron Michel, Chief Blaine Favel, A/Chief Joe Waskewitch

2nd Row Left to Right

Chief Albert Musqus, Chief Albert Pinacie, Chief Denton George, Chief Marie Anne Daywalker-Pelletier, Chief Art Kaiswatum, Chief Rick Gamble, Chief Irvin Starblanket, Chief Hank Neapetung, Chief Richard Gladue, Chief Johnson Kakum, Chief Mike Baptiste, Chief Gordon Oakes.

1st Row Left to Right

Senator Bill Standingready, Dr. Lloyd Barber, Honourable Pierre Cadieux, Senator Ernest Mike, Bob MItchell, Premier Roy Romanow, Lieutenant Govenor Sylvia Fedoruk, Chief Roland Crowe, Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Grand Chief Ovide Mercredi, Honourable Tom Siddon, Honourable Bill McKnight, 1s Vice Chief Dan Bellegarde, Treaty Commissioner Cliff Wright. 

September 22, 2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of the execution of the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement (the "Framework Agreement") by Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada ("Canada"), Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Saskatchewan ("Saskatchewan") and twenty-two (22) of the twenty-six (26) Indian Bands in Saskatchewan which had established their claims to receive additional land under an existing Treaty. The right to receive additional land was generally referred to as "outstanding Treaty land entitlement".
The claims of some of the Entitlement Bands had been outstanding for a very significant period of time, some dating back to 1874 when Treaty Number Four was signed. Seven of the twenty-six Entitlement Bands are adherents to Treaty Number Four, seventeen are signatories to Treaty Number Six (signed in 1876), while the remaining two Entitlement Bands are adherents to Treaty Number Ten (signed in 1906).
The Framework Agreement was the result of an intensive and co-operative effort by Canada, Saskatchewan and the FSIN/AEC to resolve the outstanding Treaty land entitlement of 26 Bands in Saskatchewan. 

 We are all Treaty People (click on link to join us at the We Are All Treaty People Video)

Treaties are beneficial to all people in Saskatchewan. They are considered mutually beneficial arrangements that quarantee co-existence  between the treaty parties. Newcomers and their decendents benefit from the wealth generated from the land and the foundational rights provided in the treaties. They built their society in the new land where some were looking for political and religious freedoms. Today, there are misconceptions that only First Nations peoples are part to the treaties, but in reality, both parties are part of the treaty. All people in Saskatchewan are treaty people.

According to First Nations people's natural laws, all creation lived in balance and harmony.....

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    Treaty 4 Flag Raising Ceremony

     For the first time in Canadian history, a First Nations flag was permanently raised in front of a government building. The Treaty 4 flag was raised on Friday, October 14th, 2011 in front of Queen Elizabeth II Court (Regina's city hall).


    The Treaty 4 flag was the vision of the late Elder Gordon Oakes who wanted the people of Treaty 4 territory to have a flag to fly alongside the Canada, Saskatchewan and municipal flags. Gordon believed in the need to share the land, the resources and most importantly to share the understanding of the teachings.

    In May 2011, Regina City Council approved a report to fly the Treaty 4 flag in front of Regina CIty Hall. This decision was the culmination of several years of discussion, consultation and relationship building with the First Nations community. This event is of historical significance as the City of Regina is the first Canadian municipality to permanently raise a First Nations flag.




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