We Are All Treaty People





  • July 30, 2019 8 am - August 02, 2019 4 pm
  • Kamwatanâhk land-based learning lab, Blaine Lake

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Kiskinwahamâtowin: Indigenous science teacher development through land and language provides educators with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to meet Saskatchewan science curriculum outcomes linked to Indigenous content and perspectives.

This research also addresses the disconnection between people and land, and aids in processes of Indigenous language revitalization, both of which are foundational sources of Indigenous Knowledge. The research will help disrupt the false dichotomy between Indigenous Knowledge and Western science, opening possibilities for teachers and students to respectfully engage multiple knowledge systems, fostering cross-cultural collaborations and creative solutions for contemporary challenges.

For more information contact:

Jeff Baker - jeff.baker@usask.ca
Kevin Lewis - kevins.lewis@usask.ca