We Are All Treaty People




SK Indigenous HIV Conference: Indigenous Women's Traditional Roles

  • March 21, 2017 8 am - 5 pm
  • Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon

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Traditionally, women played a pivotal role within the Indigenous family, within the way they governed and in spiritual ceremonies. Both men and women were autonomous and they both carried roles that were essential to the survival of Indigenous communities. Colonization destroyed Indigenous communities with the imposition of new values and cultural standards and those changes were especially destructive on the role of Indigenous women. The damage to the Indigenous culture and values contributed to family breakdown.

Today, Indigenous people gain strength from their traditional teachings and culture that comes from centuries old oral tradition and teachings, which emphasized the equality of man and woman and the balanced roles they each served. Young Indigenous people are turning to their Indigenous traditions and culture today in search of answers to the problems they are facing today and it is important that they learn those same values when it comes to balance.    

Indigenous women are leading the way in the area of healing the wounds of colonization and residential schools through teachings, through small gatherings and through large conferences, women are taking on the issues that Indigenous people face. This healing and wellness gathering will bring to focus the solutions of what the people struggle with, in regards to the impact of colonization: racism, residential schools, missing and murdered women, abuse and violence, and addictions.  Colonization also directly contributes to the high rates of HIV through these issues within the Indigenous communities of Saskatchewan. It is time to connect all of these issues and look for solutions that will bring life to the many Nations.

More information, registration and agenda available at the All Nations Hope website