We Are All Treaty People




Virtual Community Cultural Gathering

  • September 17, 2020 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Online

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9:45-10:00:  Zoom 101 Session with Aileen Martin (a mini lesson to help folks familiarize themselves with the zoom platform prior to the sessions)

10:00-12:00:   Anti-Discrimination Response Training with Alicia Buckley.  Spoken Word Artist, Peace Akintade, will be sharing some of her work with us at the end of the session

2:00-3:30:  Global Gathering Place 

Details on Presentations:  
 AntiDiscrimination Response Training 
Alicia Buckley,  Aboriginal Friendship Centre 
– What can I say or do when I hear racist or discriminatory remarks? 
– What are my response options when I witness discriminatory behaviour? 
– How can I participate in creating a safer community for everyone?

The A.R.T. Program, developed by Dr. Ishu Ishiyama is a skill-based training that uses a witness-centred approach. In this workshop, we will review four levels of witnessing: (1) dis-witnessing, (2) passive witnessing, (3) active witnessing and (4) ethical witnessing. We will then focus on four key categories of active witnessing, and participants will have the chance to learn and practice a wide range of anti-racism responses, as well as share some of their own effective strategies for responding to racism. 

This training is designed to encourage participants to shift from being frozen or silent bystanders to becoming active witnesses. In doing so, we can disrupt racism and build a safer and more inclusive community.

Peace Akintade, Spoken word Artist & Saskatchewan’s Youth Poet Laureate
Peace Akintade is an African Canadian Poet, Public Speaker, and Thespian residing in Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan. Co-coordinator of Write Out Loud, a Saskatoon-based Youth Poetry Community, and board member of the Tonight it’s Poetry Community. 2020 Saskatchewan Youth Poet Laureate. Her poems touch on the impact of slavery in her village, colorism, growing up in Kuwait, Nigeria, and Canada, and relearning her culture in the face of colonization.

Session Details:
Global Gathering Place Vision: 
A society where newcomers to Canada are fully engaged and valued. Through collaboration, training, and events, The Global Gathering Place works to help recognize our shared responsibility in helping newcomers integrate and thrive. We offer guidance for making local services more inclusive and accessible, and advocate for what we know to be true: that immigrants and refugees, when given the opportunity, make valuable contributions to all aspects of Canadian society.

Lori Steward, the Refugee & Immigrant Health and Case Coordination Manager at Global Gathering Place, will speak about the challenges faced by newcomers as they settle in Saskatchewan. She will explore the topics of Allyship, Equity, and Equality from the perspective of a settlement agency that exists to support refugees and immigrants while working to dismantle structures that prevent inclusion. Participants will gain a better understanding of barriers experienced by refugees and immigrants, and key strategies for allyship that can help us create a more equitable community.