We Are All Treaty People

Aaron Tootoosis

Aaron Tootoosis is from the Poundmaker Cree Nation in Treaty 6 Territory.

He was born into a world of Cree ceremony, song, and dance. His talents are not limited to just cultural and performance arts, he excels in hunting, and coaching lacrosse and hockey. He is a historian having extensive information passed on from many knowledge keepers and possesses a Bachelor's of Arts Honour's in Indigenous Studies from the First Nations University of Canada.

Aaron is currently employed as the Indigenous Students' Centre Coordinator/Instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina Campus.

Speaker Topics:

The Treaties: Treaty History, Treaty Relationship, Treaty Responsibilities, Spirit and Intent of Treaty, Treaty Land Entitlement

The Indian Act: History of the Indian Act, Negative Implications, Indian Residential Schools, Current Issues

Indigenous Culture: Worldview, Language Systems, Tribal/Nation Systems, Pre-Contact History, Colonial Decimation of Culture, Cultural Resilience

Treaty Implementation: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Principles of Reconciliation, Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, Resilience and Revitalization, Honoring Treaty Promises

*singer, drummer, storyteller