We Are All Treaty People

Dion Tootoosis

An established Educator from Poundmaker Cree Nation, Dion maintains the family reputation of perpetuating language, beliefs, values and practices through his work in the education sector, and at cultural events as a master of ceremonies, storyteller and Knowledge Keeper. 

He is a professional teacher since 2004, Dion has worked both on-Nation, for Catholic and public-school divisions in Alberta and Saskatchewan and for Mount Royal University in Calgary teaching Science, History, Language Arts and Indigenous Studies, as well as a guest lecturer for the Indian Teacher Education Program at the University of Saskatchewan. 

He now serves as Cultural Coordinator under Student & Learning Services at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, providing cultural and linguistic programming, curriculum development/enhancement, as well as coordinating Elder & Ceremonial support. 

Dion is honoured to present on occasion as a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner.