We Are All Treaty People

Ernest Standingready

Ernest Standingready is a citizen of the Ocean Man Nakota First Nation in Treaty 4 and brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of Treaty Education and Awareness to the bureau. Ernest has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Regina, a University Certificate in Project Management from the University of Regina, as well as a University Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism & Gaming Entertainment Management from the First Nations University of Canada.

Ernest has served his nation in the past as a Band Councillor and Treaty 4 Headman for the Ocean Man Nakota First Nation, and as a result is fluent in the language and capabilities to engage on many levels of government and non-governmental organizations.

Ernest sits various boards and committees as a representative of his Nakota people, and of the Treaty 4 territory. Ernest is committed to enhancing the lives of not only Indigenous Peoples, but non-indigenous as well in the Treaty relationship, and believes in positive cooperative partnerships, and understands the strength it can deliver for everyone.


The Treaties: Treaty History, Treaty Relationship, Treaty Responsibilities

The Indian Act: History of the Indian Act, Negative Implications

Indigenous Culture: Worldview, Tribal/Nation Systems, Pre-Contact History, Colonial Decimation of Culture, Cultural Resilience

Treaty Implementation: Resilience and Revitalization, Honoring Treaty Promises