We Are All Treaty People

Micheal Heimlick

Micheal Heimlick is from Battleford, Saskatchewan. As far as he knows, his family fled Russian persecution in the Ukraine and eventually settled in Saskatchewan in the early 20th century on a farm near Rose Valley. Micheal moved to Saskatoon at the age of 18 to pursue post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan. During his Masters degree program in Applied Social Psychology, he found a passion for working in the program evaluation field – so much so that he embraced that passion and turned it into a full time career. For the past two years, he has been fortunate to work with many community and academic organizations in Saskatchewan to improve their programming using a social science research lens. Micheal currently lives in Saskatoon with his wife, Janelle. 

One such organization is the Office of the Treaty Commissioner, where Micheal has been working with reconciliation groups and interested organizations across the province to figure out a way to measure progress towards reconciliation in Saskatchewan. At this point in time, he is focused on creating a baseline of reconciliation activities and attitudes in Saskatchewan. Within this, he and the team use a reconciliation mapping process where the vision for reconciliation is used as a framework. Using the information gathered, he is able to guide groups in future decisions by showing where they are currently at in working towards reconciliation and by providing factual information that points to possible future activities or community initiatives. The measurement framework extends past the mapping exercise, as he is currently working on a provincial strategy of measuring progress towards reconciliation.


Treaty Implementation: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Principles of Reconciliation, Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action

*mapping exercise facilitator with Reconciliation Dept. Please contact Rhett Sangster to arrange this exercise for your organization/committee/group/etc.