We Are All Treaty People

Peter A. “Tony” Stevenson

Peter A. “Tony” Stevenson is a Saulteaux First Nation from the Cote Reserve. Playing competitive hockey and fastball has allowed Mr. Stevenson to travel throughout the provinces. “Tony” as he is commonly known as, had attended the Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School at Lebret, Saskatchewan from grades 5-12.
Tony’s experience and background is extensive as he has worked in many different areas of the human relations field. He has received recognition from Saskatchewan Abex Awards and Regina Chamber of Commerce for creating jobs within the banking industry. Working with Sheldon Kennedy in creating awareness of the cycle of abuse in First Nations Communities was recognized by an Abuse Awareness Organization in Ontario; they awarded Tony the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. 
Tony has worked specifically on the IAP process with various law firms in Canada. Taking pride in working with his peers and Elders from all over Canada in this process has given Tony the ability to advocate for the residential school survivors.