We Are All Treaty People

Speaker Bureau Topics

The speakers are versed Treaty and Reconciliation including First Nations culture, residential school experiences, Treaties and the Treaty relationship. Members speak on topics such as:

The Treaties:
• Treaty History
• Treaty Relationship
• Treaty Responsibilities
• Spirit and Intent of Treaty

The Indian Act:
• History of the Indian Act
• Negative Implications
• Indian Residential Schools
• Current Issues

Indigenous Culture:
• Worldview
• Language Systems
• Tribal/Nation Systems
• Pre-Contact History
• Colonial Decimation of Culture
• Cultural Resilience

Positive Race Relations:
• Human Rights
• Race Relations and Diversity
• Cultural, Social and Economic Rights
• Multi-Cultural inclusively
• Anti-Racism training

• What it is and how it started
• Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action
• What Reconciliation committees are doing
• How to get involved