We Are All Treaty People

Reconciliation is about exploring the past and choosing to build a better future.

It’s understanding each other and building trust.

It’s recognizing that We Are All Treaty People.

Reconciliation and Treaty implementation are means towards the same goal, it’s about sustainable partnerships at all levels—economic, social, political, community—between strong and empowered participants.

The OTC is working with partners to give people in Saskatchewan the opportunity to talk about their view of reconciliation and their vision to get there. Now more than ever, there is appetite for change in the historic relationship between First Nations and non-First Nations people.

What does reconciliation mean to you? Send us an email. Like us on Facebook. Tweet with #ReconciliationSK. Tell us what you're doing to move towards reconciliation.

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

“Reconciliation is the restoration of a friendship after an estrangement. It does not require agreement on every aspect of how to live together. It is not an apology that has been accepted once offered. Rather, it is about the process of coming together—a conscious choice that the future will be better if we work through difficulties and differences with an openness to hearing about, and responding to, the harm that has occurred.”
-- Treaty Commissioner George E. Lafond

"Reconciliation is translated into the Cree word
“miyôwâhkôhtowin,” meaning “having good relations,”
--  Chief Wilton Littlechild, Commissioner of the
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Reconciliation is creating a new relationship built on respect and a real
understanding of each other’s needs, fears and aspirations.”
-- International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.