We Are All Treaty People

We Are All Treaty People

A Vision for Truth, Reconciliation and the Treaty Relationship

Based on the spirit and intent of Treaties, truth and reconciliation is each citizen walking together on a journey to create a new, shared future for our children and grandchildren, one in which we have:

  • An Understanding of Our History
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Vibrant Cultures and Worldviews
  • Equitable Systems


  An Understanding of Our History
• We will understand and honour the history of this land, including past and present wrongs
• We will have respectful relationships to our ancestors and to the land
• Individuals, families, communities and nations will be strong and healing

  Authentic Relationships
 • Strong relationships, partnerships and trust will exist among all people
 • We will have greater skills for communication and managing conflict


  Vibrant Cultures and Worldviews
• Our cultures and languages will be strong, worldviews respected
• Our social experiences will be woven together; we share and learn from each other



  Equitable Systems
• Systems such as health, justice, education and child welfare will reject racism, implement the Treaties and reflect Indigenous sovereignty
• We will have quality of life for all
• Representative leadership, workforce

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