We Are All Treaty People

ayisinowak: A Communications Guide
ayisinowak: A Communications Guide

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In the words of Harry Lafond, Executive Director of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner:

"The Indigenous Elders of this Territory teach about the responsibility of choice. Then they back up their teachings with lessons on the laws and guidelines of acceptable behaviour towards those around us. We can choose to make relations and see the beauty of our neighbour’s smile and recognize the potential of their presence. Or we can look at our neighbour and see only what she wears or how different she looks. The effort of creating a tool by which to make these choices is a responsible approach for any government to take to its citizens. Saskatoon has been moving in this direction for its peoples and the Guide will be a valuable asset for organizations and City Administration as the community journeys in the spirit of Reconciliation. Make this Guide part of the personal action plan for the way forward."