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Rock Your Roots: Walk for Reconciliation

  • June 21, 2019 7 am - 12 pm
  • Victoria Park, Saskatoon

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The 2019 Rock Your Roots Walk for Reconciliation is back for its fourth year and will be held in Victoria Park on National Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Friday, June 21st.

The theme for this year is Re-igniting the Fire—a reminder that we cannot delegate Reconciliation. We must commit as individuals, businesses, and communities to listen, learn, show up and share. We must keep the fire burning to spark change in our lives and city.

People of all ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities, are invited to be a part of this important event that brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples together and paves the way for a shared future.

WALK WITH US: Organize your friend’s, your family, your community! We invite individuals, businesses, non-profits, faith communities, school groups and more to join the walk as a group. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Here are some ideas we’ve seen from our incredible walkers over the years:

- Carry your company/organization banner
- Get t-shirts made
- Wear the traditional/cultural dress of your heritage to “Rock Your Roots”
- Create handheld signs to carry with you and/or your group

Since 2016, the Walk for Reconciliation has grown, drawing almost 5,000 people to Victoria Park to recognize the sacrifices and resilience of Residential School & Day School Survivors, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and Sixties Scoop Survivors.

By walking together, we re-ignite the fire of reconciliation—honouring survivors and answering the TRC’s Calls to Action as we grow a more inclusive community. Let’s Re-Ignite the Fire together!

Starting at 9:30 a.m. at Victoria Park, the Rock Your Roots walk will feature a variety of traditional and multicultural dances, music and performances along the way.
The walk culminates at 11:30 a.m. joining National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations hosted by the Saskatoon Indian and Métis Friendship Centre including lunch, special guest speakers, entertainment and fun for all the family!

7:00 am - Pipe Ceremony

9:00 am - Grand Entry

9:30 am - Walk Your Roots: Walk for Reconciliation

11:30 am - Dignitary Speeches

12:00 pm - Public lunch, entertainment and family fun - National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration hosted by Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre

Some of the talented performers sharing their culture during the walk are set to include:

Magic City Chorus: Founded in 1958, Magic City Chorus has been entertaining Saskatoon and area audiences for 61 years! With its 40 plus membership this is Saskatoon’s only all women four-part harmony a cappella chorus. They compete with other choruses across Western Canada annually, and consistently place in the top six, having won first place in their category last year. “We are a community that reaches into our membership and out into the world, creating a safe, encouraging, supportive and positive impact on all women. We stand together as one in a beautiful tapestry woven with the threads of uniqueness in each woman.”

The Taste of China Academy: Taste of China Academy is a Chinese Language School and a Cultural Educational Institution in Saskatoon, providing various Programs that enable our participants to “Taste China” in different aspects (including Chinese Language, Chinese Martial Arts, culture, food, & arts, etc.), either locally in Canada or overseas in China. Our group has been actively performing Tai Chi, Chinese Martial Arts, in numerous events around the city.

The German Junior Dance: The Saskatoon German Junior Folk Dancers are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year! Much has changed since the fall of 1998, when they first joined the Saskatoon cultural dance community, but they still love to take their show to festivals all around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and all over the country.  

DancEgypt: Get ready to enjoy an energetic performance by DancEgypt Dance Co. from Saskatoon. They focus on traditional Egyptian dance including belly dance and folkloric dances from various regions of Egypt as well as dances from other Middle Eastern countries. 

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy Wushu: The Chinese Martial Arts Academy was established in 2000 with a small group of people dedicated to practicing and sharing the many values of Wushu including culturalpreservation.  The school has now expanded its membership to over 100 students, as young 3 years of age, learning a variety of fighting forms of Chinese Martial Arts.  From hand routines to short and long weapons, Wushu challenges many aspects of physical development from speed, strength, agility, and power.   

Sora Mai Taiko: Sora Mai Taiko, formerly Living Sky Taiko, was started in 2009 by James Bykowy after a handful of introductory taiko workshops in Saskatoon. The group's first performance came almost one year later and performing taiko has been a central aspect of its existence ever since. History of Taiko: “Taiko” is the Japanese word for “drum,” and these large, resonant drums have been used for centuries in Japan in religious ceremonies and in local festivals. 

The Scottish Country Dancers: Scottish Country Dancers-Scottish Country Dancing is the social dancing of Scotland. It has been enjoyed in ballrooms and town halls for hundreds of years. It is a very social activity and people of all ages, levels and cultural backgrounds are welcome to participate. 

Alpha Kids: Alpha Kids was established in 2012 when individuals from different breakin' crews came together to form a new crew. These individuals all have a passion for dance, especially breakin' and other street styles. The group is a comprised of diverse individuals with unique styles and dynamic movements. The love to 'cypher', this term involves dancers creating a circle and dancing in the middle showcasing their dance style/personality.

Oriental Dance Arts: Oriental Dance Arts of Saskatoon originated in the mid-1980's. They explore and celebrate some of the dances and culture of the Middle East, Near East, and Asia Minor. They have respect for the ethnic artists that have gone before them, and for the exciting multicultural diversity from these regions. Today they are pleased to present fusions of Oriental Dance and Persian Dance with Sufi Whirling. 

Chinese Folk Dance Club – Saskatoon Chinese Dance Club: Saskatoon Chinese dance club was founded in 2013. The team has been growing since it started and there are over 100 members in 2019. The club is dedicated to all people who love dance to create a learning and communicating platform. It gradually comes to the spotlight in the city. Today we are presenting QI PAO and traditional Chinese dances. With their elaborate stylized movements, ethnically diverse costumes, and stories of China's past, we offer a glimpse into a complex and ancient culture. 

Gypsy Dance Fire: My name is Nataliya Odintsova. I started to dance Ukrainian folk dances when I was 19. At 24 I started ballroom dancing. In 2014, I created Russian Gypsy Dance group in Saskatoon. I worked as a choreographer, teacher and director for the group. We had lots of public performances at various festivals: Saskatoon Folk Fest, Saskatoon Fringe Festival, and many others. Come and enjoy bright and expressive type of Gypsy Dances in the world! 

Indian Classical Dancer: My Name is Sumetha and I am a trained Indian Classical Dancer. I have learnt dance for 18 years. I came to Saskatoon in 2017. Since then I have performed in various platforms through out Saskatoon. My Genre of Dance is Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. In 2017 I started Nrtiyati Performing Arts Saskatoon where I teach Indian Classical Dance to kids and adults. To me Dance is Food for Soul and my objective is to spread Indian Culture. 

The North Sound: Forrest Eaglespeaker: The North Sound is cold like a Saskatchewan winter. It's humid as a summer day in the streets of Montreal. As unpredictable as the weather in a singular Calgary day. The North Sound is ever-changing with the world around us, encompassing each and every pivotal moment, from road trips as a kid to finding your way as an adult. It's feeling lost but knowing you're loved. The North Sound was formed in 2014 by Forrest Eaglespeaker to share his stories in an attempt at trying to close the gap reflected in the vast space of the open Canadian landscape.

Saskatoon Russian Club: The Russian Language School of Saskatoon is a young folk group that performs the traditional Russian, Ukrainian and Gypsy songs and dances. We do have two groups: kids and adults’ performances. Through our school we are trying to keep the heritage of our motherland and to keep the kid’s knowledge of their roots. We believe in the peace power of art and try to include various multicultural songs and dances in our repertoire.

War of 1812

STC 7 Nation Singers

Many Nations Dancers

Jordan Daniels – Fiddler: Jordan’s passion is his fiddle. He asked for a fiddle for Christmas when he was ten years old and since then has enjoyed learning to play it and has learned many, many tunes during this time. He is a fast learner and learns best by listening but also learns by reading notes. He has been playing the fiddle for just over three years now and has a special bond with his teacher, John Arcand, who is known as the Master of the Metis Fiddle.

Darwin Roy - Guitar

Courtney Anaquod – Jigger: Saulteaux/Cree Muscowpetung First Nation Qu'appelle Valley Square Dancers Champion Jigger, Instructor.