We Are All Treaty People

Actions on TRC recommendations remain top priority in Regina

  • Published - 15/08/2016
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  • Posted By - Sasha-Gay Lobban
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The City of Regina has already jumped into action, taking steps to ensure that it keeps its promise to move on the recommendations put forward by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Following a unanimous vote to act on the TRC recommendations earlier this year, city mayor Michael Fougere said he has received tremendous support and overwhelming feedback from across Saskatchewan on the matter.

Mayor Fougere said all stakeholders from across the province are on board and the city is working assiduously to act on these recommendations.  

He noted that the most important part of the actions being taken is to ensure that indigenous culture and traditions are celebrated, respected and preserved.

“For the case of Regina, probably the most important one we’re looking at is the Regina Indian Industrial Schools cemetery site. We want that commemorated, maintained and secured in a way that’s respectful to indigenous peoples,” Fougere said.

He added that actions are already being taken and more is set to come.

“Our planning commission recommend that the cemetery be a municipal heritage site. That’s coming to council at the end of the month (September) to be designated as such. The owner of the land has agreed to it so that’s a sense of some public action taken.”

Also on top of the list of priorities is the inclusion of indigenous peoples at the city.

“We’re also looking for more indigenous people to work for the city as an example of inclusion and have the staff reflecting the kind of people living here and across the world,” Fougere said.

According to the mayor, there has been positive feedback from indigenous leadership on some of the actions taken by the city to uphold its promise for the TRC recommendations.

“People whom we’ve spoken to are very pleased that we’re doing this because we’re able to move on and we’ve been getting support from indigenous leadership and a lot of participation,” Fougere said.

A report on actions being taken on the TRC recommendations will be presented to council by year end, Dec. 31, 2016.