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COVID-19 Message from the Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan

  • Published - 16/04/2020
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COVID-19 is creating a very stressful and trying time for many, as they balance working from home, or perhaps a loss of income, or if they should leave their homes to support their families, or if it’s even safe to get groceries.

People feeling stress and concern over COVID-19 aren’t alone. Many of us are feeling this way.

I wanted to take a minute to say that even though it is a difficult time, we need to look out for each other. Be physically distant, but take the time to be social: text your friends, call a parent or elder. When you do need to go for essential reasons like getting food or medicines, remember to stay about six feet away from others. Wash your hands often and properly (for at least 20 seconds). If you wear a mask remember it’s about protecting others by containing your germs – don’t touch it when it’s on your face, and only wear it once. When you remove it, put cloth masks to be washed and dispose one-time use masks. Wash your hands afterwards.

By staying home and supporting each other from a distance we can beat COVID-19.

If you or anyone in your community can sew and is interested in making masks that can be shared in First Nations communities, please let us know. Email: amerasty@otc.ca or reception@otc.ca

I know it all seems difficult, but it’s just a short time in our lives and we must remain home and safe for our loved ones.



Mary Culbertson,
Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan