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Indigenous Storytelling Month at the OTC

  • Published - 16/02/2022
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In honour of Indigenous Storytelling Month, the Office of the Treaty Commissioner has been hosting events throughout the month of February, with hundreds of people in attendance.

Storytelling is a time-honoured tradition in Indigenous culture. It’s valued because it passes on traditional knowledge, but also entertains, and shares memories. Oral history shares information from generation-to-generation.

On Feb. 7 we were joined by Fawn Wood for her session on Storytelling through music and culture, and Aarron Tootoosis for a session on The Story of the Medicine Chest Clause.

On Feb. 14, Joely Kequahtooway deepened our knowledge with her session Buffalo Resilience: Storytelling through the Arts, and Chris Scribe made us laugh and feel love as he shared stores of Indigenous knowledge.

“If you have a belly button and you were brought to this earth by a mother then you can always connect to this sacred hoop of knowledge,” he said, explaining Indigenous ways of knowing.

He spoke to how information shared through beauty and power is something you always remember and this beauty exists within Indigenous knowledge.

The OTC offers these sessions for free to help people have the opportunity to learn and experience culture through storytelling.

Join on Feb. 18 and/or Feb. 28 for more events.