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OTC attends Interpretive Storyboard Launch

  • Published - 08/10/2020
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The Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan was in Yorkton on Oct. 8 to celebrate the unveiling of the storyboard history of Yorkton and the Brick Mill at the Mill site.

Four themes comprised of eight large outdoor mounted panels have been installed on site, covering the history of Yorkton, from First Nations, through the founding of York Colony and the original mill north of the city, to the arrival of the railway and construction of the current mill.

“Treaty promises became broken promises and fractured relations soon ensued, the vision our ancestors had when they entered into Treaty soon was lost. The dedication and work in this display is a clear indication that those relations are being repaired, we aren’t there yet but this is an important part of that journey,” said Treaty Commissioner Mary Culbertson during the event.

Vern Brown is the president of the Yorkton Brick Flour Mill Committee. He said the preservation of the site combined with the panels are a tribute to the community of Yorkton.

“This is a significant milestone in our committees work to celebrate both the history of the mill and the City of Yorkton,” he said.

Yorkton Tribal Council Chief Isabel O’Soup also spoke at the event.

“The Yorkton Tribal Council is pleased to support this project. We are very excited to be recognized for our integral role in the history of our community through the Storyboard History unveiled here,” she said.