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OTC celebrates 30 years of Treaty work

  • Published - 24/11/2019
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On Nov. 22, more than 100 people came together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan.

The 30th Anniversary Round Dance and Feast was held in Saskatoon and provided and opportunity for celebration of past work and a look to the future including, the unveiling of a new logo.

“As the fifth Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan and the first woman Treaty Commissioner, I am proud to celebrate 30 years of the office. It has been a catalyst for Treaty education both in the classroom and in the greater public,” said Mary Culbertson, Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan.

We were the first region to have mandatory Treaty education in schools and the OTC was the vehicle that carried information about Treaty to the public through the speakers bureau, said Culbertson.

 “It has been a shining example for other commissions across Canada and is called on to share experience and expertise across the land.”

At the event the history was celebrated and the people who have helped the office were recognized, including OTC’s Director of Education Brenda Ahenakew, who was honoured with a star blanket. Youth in the OTC's Youth in Service group supported the giveaway.

“It was a wonderful evening, I really enjoyed it,” said Rhett Sangster, OTC Director of Reconciliation, Community Partnerships.

Reconciliation remains central to the work of the OTC as the office looks to the future. There are Treaty obligations that have not been honoured, and work has to be done to make systemic change, said Culbertson.