We Are All Treaty People

Prairie Prism 2018

  • Published - 30/09/2018
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Prairie Prism brings together members of the community such as schools, businesses and potential employers, settlement agencies, multi-faith groups and ethno-cultural communities, to network and collaborate. It is designed as a way to cross cultural divides and decrease possible myths about people and cultures.

Office of the Treaty Commissioner youth representative Langford Keshane-Cote sat at the interactive booth, which featured mini-tipi making while learning of the tipi teachings, and Treaty medal making while learning about the Treaty relationship and the Spirit and Intent of Treaty as symbolized in the medal.

Also, OTC youth representative Kimberly Seesequasis say at the information booth, which featured OTC information, as well as fact sheets on the Treaty history & relationship, Indigenous Awareness and Reconciliation.

Joseph Naytowhow, member of the OTC Speakers Bureau, and Yvonne Chartrand, Vancouver based artist, performed the Red River Jig at Prairie Prism. Joseph provided opening prayer, Treaty 6 song, opening remarks and provided storytelling of the Treaty relationship and of the Indigenous treaty partners.