We Are All Treaty People

Stantec's work towards Reconciliation

  • Published - 26/06/2019
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  • Posted By - Mark Griffiths, Stantec
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On June 19, Office of the Treaty Commissioner’s speakers bureau member Aaron Tootoosis visited the Stantec office for some information sharing. Mark Griffiths, the Senior Principal, Energy & Resources at Stantec shared his experience with us.

Over recent years, Stantec has embarked on a true journey of understanding and reconciliation as we seek to play our part in the calls for action laid out in article 92 endorsed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. 

For us the month of June and in particular June 21st is an important date as we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples day. 

So what could we do to fully embrace this important date? 

In mid-May 2019, we reached out to the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and made our application to have Arron Tootoosis to come along to our offices to tell us all about the wonderful tradition of Powwow.  We wanted to know its history and particularly some of the amazing traditions associated with the ceremony, colors, dance, movement and music.  Arron explained all those things and much more. 

We were so grateful that he brought his drum and actually allowed us to spend some time drumming with him, he showed us some basic dance moves, which was so much fun, but he achieved something far more compelling. 

In the space of the 2 hours he was with us, through the art of dance, music, powwow, Arron taught us lots about indigenous history, beliefs, values, wisdoms and aspirations.  Arron truly believes what he says and says what he believes, and having him along to our offices to help educate us, was the highlight of our week and month.

 We can’t wait to invite him back again for 2020 and we are so grateful for the time he gave us – a true inspiration!