We Are All Treaty People

Statement from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner

  • Published - 09/08/2021
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It has been five years since 22-year-old Colten Boushie was fatally shot. It is five years that Debbie Baptiste has been without her son.

His death drew attention from across Canada and sparked a conversation about racism and discrimination in the province.

We have seen the findings and recommendations from the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP investigation into the RCMP’s investigation, which acknowledges issues with police conduct, and calls for change.

But that is only the smallest starting point.

Boushie’s family and their lawyer have received racist messages of hate, and many people posted hateful, racist comments online about Boushie, his family and Indigenous People.

The words we write and the things we say have an impact. Our communities need to do better.

We support Ms. Baptise in her call for an apology from the RCMP and stand with her in solidarity in the face of discrimination she receives.

Today we also call for change. We ask that all people learn about Indigenous People, culture, and worldview. We ask that all people in Saskatchewan work to repair the Treaty relationship and engage in reconciliation.