We Are All Treaty People

Statement from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner

  • Published - 28/02/2022
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The team at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner is horrified as we watch the news out of Ukraine.

To see a country under siege, to witness the violence, displacement, and fear, from a distance is heartbreaking. We denounce the military actions of Russia and stand with Ukraine.

We hope that the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people will guide them through this difficult time.

Ukrainian immigrants have been our Treaty partners and neighbours to our communities across Saskatchewan since they arrived in the late 1800s. We have long-standing relationships across the Treaty territories.

We share some stories, and like Indigenous People, Ukrainians living in Saskatchewan have rich culture and history. Our Kookum scarves, which were originally gifted from Ukrainian people have become iconic in many Indigenous nations across the Prairies. Many Indigenous people are wearing those scarves now in a show of solidary with Ukraine.

We see this and other acts of unity happening across the province, from people attending rallies, to Nestors Bakery, a Ukrainian bakery in Saskatoon, repeatedly selling out of their Ukrainian Flag donuts. People are supporting relief efforts.

We encourage people to stand in together during this time. Let’s support each other.

We Are All Treaty People.