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Summer reconciliation challenge underway

  • Published - 22/07/2020
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The first ConnectR reconciliation challenge is underway. Starting on National Indigenous Peoples Day, more than 300 participants from across Saskatchewan agreed to find and respond to a call to action each week for 8 weeks.

“This Challenge is really about creating some accountability to each other to do the work of reconciliation and create habits around integrating this learning and growth into our everyday lives,” said Carrie Catherine, the ConnectR program manager.

ConnectR, a website designed to help people find ways to engage in reconciliation, was created by Reconciliation Saskatoon.

There is a mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants, as well as newcomers to Canada, with a majority of the participants are settlers, Carrie said. Some have been learning, listening, and reading about reconciliation for years, while others have not yet begun a path of reconciliation.

“We realized that ConnectR offered people the tools they need—but that it’s difficult to create the time in our days to make learning about reconciliation a priority,” she said. “By creating a circle of accountability and telling each other what we’re doing, we’ve inspired each other to continue the path of learning and listening. It’s helpful in reconciliation work to have a community of people sharing the experience.”

“I want to say a big thank you to people who post links to videos and give information on what they are reading and watching. It is really overwhelming to see all the stuff there is to watch/read and the links make it so easy to just click and watch and then order a book or go to a website. Your efforts to help me navigate these waters are so appreciated,” said participant Sylvia Chave.

Participants are also learning during Zoom calls with youth, elders, and knowledge keepers. 

The next ConnectR Reconciliation Challenge will start on Sept. 13, 2020 leading up to Orange Shirt Day. Visit facebook.com/beaconnectr for updates.