We Are All Treaty People

The Business Case for Inclusion

  • Published - 23/02/2018
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The Office of the Treaty Commissioner's Milton Tootoosis presented at the Lloyminster Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn event on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

About 15 people, include Lloydminster mayor Gerald Albers, participated in the conversation “The Business Case for Inclusion.”
Milton talked about:
· The Spirit and Intent of Treaty – the promise of an economic livelihood
· Prior to settler contact and the treaties First Nations culture included the concept of livelihood and economic independence as inter-tribal traders
· The traditional economy collapsed when the fur trade and bison economy slumped into oblivion
· Past laws and policies like the Indian Act, Pass System and the Indian Residential School system have negatively impacted First Nations people and their economies
· There is a Call to Action – the TRC Call to Action #92 for positive change and rebuilding of First Nations economy
· There is business case for action and Win-Win outcomes
· A model for Inclusion strategy was shared
· Resources for ongoing self-learning were shared

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