We Are All Treaty People

Treaties Recognition Week: Day 1

  • Published - 23/05/2023
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This week we are recognizing the importance of Treaties in Saskatchewan and each day we are walking you through the Treaty timeline: Before Treaty; At Treaty; After Treaty; and Today.

Today we are talking Before Treaty. Indigenous People have been on this land for time immemorial. They are the original inhabitants and protectors of this land now known as Canada.  For thousands of years prior to European contact, what is now Canada is populated by many well-developed Indigenous nations.   Prior to contact, Indigenous People had Treaties amongst their nations that assisted in sharing the land and resources for hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering purpose.

Treaty Commissioner Mary Musqua-Culbertson kicks off the week of resources with a welcoming message.

We also have messages from the students of Grade 5 Class at École Lumsden Elementary



We have resources for students in:

Primary Grades
Virtual Tipi building         
The word Indigenous — explained l CBC Kids News grades k-4

Middle Grades
Grandfather Teachings – Video Series

Secondary Grades
7 Sacred Teaching; eagle feather & tobacco protocol

and the General Public
Indigenous Worldviews vs Western Worldviews