We Are All Treaty People

Treaty Commissioner Statement on hate speech online

  • Published - 31/07/2018
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  • Posted By - Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan
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Freedom of expression is a right, but sometimes people use that to spread messages of hate. The internet has given voices of hatred greater reach, facilitating the dissemination of racism, discrimination and the incitement and promotion of violence.

The words we write have an impact on others.

In Saskatchewan, the Treaty relationship is suffering and made worse by hateful and discriminatory posts online.

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner calls on individuals to join us by investing in true Reconciliation and relationship building, while having zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.

We all need to act responsibly online. We need to do more than simply not get involved in hateful and offensive posts, but also report those who do. We can no longer ignore posts that promote violence against another because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or anything else.

We need to do better.

We are all Treaty People.

(The full pdf of the document is available to download)