We Are All Treaty People

Treaty medal ceremony

  • Published - 06/03/2019
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St. Michael Community School celebrated their commitments to Reconciliation and the Treaties with a Treaty Medal ceremony on Mar. 6.

Office of the Treaty Commissioner education director Brenda Ahenakew carried the Treaty medal in during the event’s Grand Entry.

After words about the importance of the day the medal was unveiled.

“And then the kids did some really awesome performances, Métis jiggers and Métis fiddlers played, there was a drum group, and a video,” Ahenakew said.

They had a good audience, about 150 people were packed into the school’s gym.

“It’s really incredible to see how those kids understand. They now understand what Treaty is, they know they are part of Treaty, and they recognize Treaty means good relations,” she said.

The medal unveiled today will be installed in the front entrance of St. Michael Community School. The Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools plans to install a treaty medal in 50 of their schools by the end of the year.