We Are All Treaty People

Yorkton Reconciliation

  • Published - 18/05/2020
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The goal of reconciliation groups in Saskatchewan is to work towards a shared vision for a future with systems that benefit us all.

The team at Reconciliation Yorkton is working to do just that by advocating on behalf of individuals looking to support their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A young woman from the Pheasant Rump First Nations was attempting to buy in bulk in Estevan for about 17 Elders and vulnerable populations of her community. She was turned away.

Corrine McArthur, a member of Yorkton Reconciliation steering committee, was approached by a member of the White Bear First Nations, who was assigned the role of bulk purchaser for on and off reserve members inquiring if any of the stores here in Yorkton would allow shopping in bulk.

“I advised that she may need a letter or phone call from the White Bear First Nation’s leadership to support her when she approaches big stores.  Upon doing this she was still denied bulk purchasing for the members of the First Nation,” Corrine said.

“I had brought this forward to Reconciliation Yorkton to reach out to the local business district in the spirit of reconciliation and to advocate for the First Nations, who are coming into Yorkton to bulk purchase for their members who are both on and off reserve,” she said.

“A letter was then drafted by Irma Van De Bon-Nicol for presentation to the Yorkton City Business District.”

The Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan, Mary Culbertson, is supporting this initiative.