We Are All Treaty People

Eleanore Sunchild

Eleanore Sunchild is a proud member of the Thunderchild First Nation.

She graduated from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law in 1998 and has been a member of the Saskatchewan Bar since 1999. Eleanore has a BA in political science and completed her undergraduate degree in French immersion at Faculte St. Jean, University of Alberta. Eleanore is the sole owner of Sunchild Law, located on Poundmaker II, outside of Battleford. Sunchild Law specializes in Indigenous Law.

Ms. Sunchild has presented nationally and internationally on the legacy of the Indian Residential School system, and the impact of colonial policy in Canada, the history and importance of the Treaties and recently in April 2018, she presented at the United Nation Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues on the systemic racism in the Canadian justice system. She is a current member of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner’s Speaker’s Bureau.

With her husband, Tony, they raise four children. She is dedicated to ensuring that her children also remain strongly connected to their culture and know the true history of this land.


The Treaties:  Treaty History, Treaty Relationship, Treaty Responsibilities, Spirit and Intent of Treaty

The Indian Act: History of the Indian Act, Negative Implications, Indian Residential Schools, Current Issues

Indigenous Culture: Worldview, Language Systems, Tribal/Nation Systems, Pre-Contact History, Colonial Decimation of Culture, Cultural Resilience

Positive Race Relations: Human Rights, Cultural, Social and Economic Rights, Anti-Racism training

Treaty Implementation: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples