We Are All Treaty People


The Office of the Treaty Commissioner (often called the OTC), started in 1989 by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the Government of Canada.

It was created to guide both parties through their differing view on Treaties, by giving recommendations for Treaty land entitlement and education.

Within the initial five-year mandate under the guidance of Commissioner Cliff Wright, the OTC played a vital role in the signing of the Treaty land entitlement agreements between 28 First Nations and the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan.

With the conclusion of the original OTC mandate in 1996, the FSIN and Canada renewed the OTC under a new mandate and commissioner. The Honourable Judge David M. Arnot was appointed Treaty Commissioner for a ten-year period starting in January 1997. During that time the phrase, “we are all treaty people,” was coined and treaty education was added to the Saskatchewan curriculum.

Beginning in the summer of 2007, the Honourable Bill McKnight became the Treaty Commissioner. He worked to advance the First Nations treaty right to livelihood — prosperity, economic self-sufficiency, and independence.

George E. Lafond became Treaty Commissioner in 2012. He has focused on reconciliation as a key theme for the work to build a common understanding of the treaty relationship.

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