We Are All Treaty People

Reconciliation is not just an idea. It's a reality. It's happening all around us. Right now.

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner is working to support a provincial movement for truth and Reconciliation in the Treaty territory of Saskatchewan.

The OTC uses its stature as a neutral provincial facilitator to encourage honest conversations about the nature of successful reconciliation – both within the public at large, and by bringing together influential leaders from all walks of life. We hope to inspire action and innovation by finding, showcasing and learning from the many examples of reconciliation underway in Saskatchewan, by seeking and supporting “champions” for reconciliation, and by connecting these champions and initiatives.

What does successful reconciliation look like in 25 years? By asking that questions to as many Saskatchewan residents as possible, we hope to encourage a common vision for reconciliation in our province. If we can agree on what we are working towards, we can all do our part to make it a reality. We can build a renewed Treaty relationship in Saskatchewan.

We're undertaking this work in a number of ways:

By creating common language around Reconciliation, the OTC is sending a message that says, "You too can be part of Reconciliation. Take a chance. Join the movement.”

If you are interested in starting this journey with your community or organization, the Office of the Treaty Commissioner has materials to help you get started. Contact our Director, Reconciliation and Community Partnerships Rhett Sangster for more information.