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Reconciliation Regina Community Champion Updates


Reconciliation Regina Community Champion Updates

* A significant amount of work has been going on behind the scenes, including hosting several Community Champion meetings and creating a Steering Committee, a Governance and a Communications Subcommittee.

* We have also held an Elders Gathering and a Healing Circle to ensure we received guidance from the Elders on next steps for Reconciliation Regina and to provide a safe space to those who wished to talk about their journey and speak their truth. Our Elders reminded us of the importance of language, culture, education and ceremony.

* Through the work of the subcommittees, Reconciliation Regina now has a page on the OTC website, and has adopted a Vision, Mission, Values and Goals Statement.

* Reconciliation Regina has also participated in many community events, such as National Indigenous Peoples Day, Orange Shirt Day, and the screening of Indian Horse.

Next Steps
* Focus for 2018 is to continue the dialogue and healing process, and to plan and create community initiatives that support reconciliation and to continue holding Community Champion meetings.

* To ensure Reconciliation Regina is a truly community-led process, it is transitioning to a non-profit entity. This incorporation process is underway now, and more information will be announced soon in terms of how to involve our Community Champions.

* Public Awareness Campaign is being drafted – this is important as it allows Reconciliation Regina to effectively tell its story – its purpose, objectives and goals, and to highlight the meaning and significance of healing and reconciling both as individuals and as a community.

* Creation of a video – collaborative initiative with an elementary school class project on reconciliation – “What Does Reconciliation Mean To You?” This video will be shown at the next Community Champion meeting.

* The Community Action Plan remains a top priority and discussions have begun around design and content. Components of the Action Plan currently being developed and discussed are an on-line survey for all residents in the city, seeking feedback on what reconciliation means to individuals, suggestions to promote healing in the community, and ways to honour and recognize reconciliation.

* A second component of the Action Plan involves hosting Community Champion sector meetings, which will occur later in 2018. The Community Action Plan will be completed by January 2019.

* Our next Community Champion meeting will be held September 28, 2018. We will provide details of the time and location soon. We hope to see you there.

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