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Unitarians' community-wide Reconciliation journey

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Saskatoon Unitarians are working on a three-month journey towards Reconciliation and it is open it to the community in Saskatoon.

The justice-focused group wanted to re-energize their commitment to Reconciliation and the launch of the new ConnectR website was an ideal time, said Susan Shacter, who sits on the Saskatoon Unitarians Reconciliation committee.

The website, which asks people to choose a path for ideas on how to be on the journey of Reconciliation, has ideas for activities. Susan said they used this model of offering a selection of ways to be engaged.

“We want to have something for everyone, because everyone is starting at various points. Some people are much further down this path than others,” she said.

“Ultimately everyone needs to go out and experience things. To be face-to-face with each other, to build relationships.”

Most of the events are open to the public. Some are ongoing throughout the three months, while others are one-off events and evenings.

Highlights include discussion circles, a Facebook challenge, and Medicine Wheel for the Indian Act, a way to understand history and build relationships developed by Elder Marjorie Beaucage.

While Reconciliation is the ultimate goal, Susan said it was important to the Unitarians not to skip over the other steps of truth telling and healing.

“The thing we really wanted to focus on when we sat down and met as a group, is we don’t want to jump to Reconciliation,” she said.

“Even though we might be starting in different places on our journey we all need to focus on the truth seeking and truth telling.”

The Launching the Journey handout describes the three-months as this: “The goal is to reaffirm this commitment to truth-telling, healing and reconciliation. We will each begin this process in a different place, and in our own way, but we must all begin with learning the truths.”

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