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SEDA aims to implement TRC calls to action

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In March 2017, the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA) Board of Directors formally adopted a governance policy stipulating that "board and staff will work to enhance relationships with Indigenous leaders and where possible, support implementation of the TRC Calls to Action throughout Saskatchewan." They are encouraging communities and organizations across the province to read the TRC Calls to Action and discuss how they can support them locally and regionally.

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner connected with SEDA Executive Director, Verona Thibault, to find out more.

Why did SEDA decide to start looking at Reconciliation?
Reconciliation starts with the individual.  Our governance team and staff recognized the importance of this process for ourselves, our families and the future of the province.
As a provincial organisation, it is important to lead by example. Our mandate is inclusive to working with all communities and organizations in the community and economic development sector in Saskatchewan. As such, we could see that awareness and education around Reconciliation was low in some areas of the province.  We felt we could play a role in bringing the TRC process and calls to action to the attention of all communities and leaders.

Were people eager to engage in the TRC Calls to Action?
We see an openness to respect and honour this process although we are still in early stages with building awareness for the specific TRC Calls to Action and how they relate to communities and organizations in the province.  Reinforcing the essential nature of Reconciliation on an individual and collective basis requires an ongoing commitment to communication and education. As we move forward, we will be exploring avenues to provide learning and awareness initiatives for members of our network.

What is your advice to other organizations looking towards Reconciliation or recognizing/implementing the Calls to Action?
First, it is essential for leaders of an organization or corporation to have an understanding of the Reconciliation process as well as the Calls to Action.  They must then commit to this journey in an authentic way so it is reflected in their corporate/organizational culture. Reconciliation Canada and the Office of the Treaty Commissioner have excellent resources and services to support this process.

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