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Students describe importance of Treaty 6 medal installation

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Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is in the process of installing Treaty 6 medals at all of the schools in their division.

During the event Mar. 29 at E.D. Feehan Catholic High School, students shared what they had been learning in class about the importance of treaties and their original intent.

Madeline Laframboise and Olivia Maurice shared a valuable message with their class.

They spoke of the opportunity they have to make a difference, while setting the tone for what reconciliation means to them and their classmates. They spoke about the importance of the Treaty installation in their school.

“When you walk by the plaque, we want you to remember that we all have a responsibility to respect and honour the treaties, to understand that each day you benefit from treaty. The land was not surrendered or given away. The agreement was that the land be shared. First Nations people have upheld their end of the treaties, and it’s time for others to follow suit. The medal serves as a teaching tool. We have the opportunity to open our minds, educate one another, to break stereotypes and rethink power structures. Not many schools have done what we are doing. We aim to decolonize the system–to make space for something there wasn’t space for before.”

The Office of the Treaty Commissioner asked them to share their message with you also. We recorded it at the OTC office on May 29, 2019.

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