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Teaching Treaties in the Classroom


The Office of the Treaty Commissioner works to see an increase in the number of edcuators comfortable with teaching Treaties in the classroom through a series of workshops.

The next session begins July 30. For more information visit the workshop information page

The History of Treaty Making – Day One
The first day of the workshop is designed to increase knowledge, enhance individual self-awareness and strengthen skills for teachers.  Elder Gladys Wapass-Greyeyes and Chief Sylvia Weenie of Stoney Knoll Cree Nation talked about their life experiences under the Indian Act, cultural teachings, Residential Schools and contemporary issues.

Teaching Treaties in the Classroom – Day Two
The objective of day two of the workshop is to become familiar with the resources and materials used to teach Treaties.  The Elders shared their traditional teachings and cultural worldview.  The group were introduced to the OTC Treaty resource materials in the K – Grade 12 Treaty Resource Kit and followed with an activity on the Treaty Essential Learnings.  The teachers each developed lesson plan for immediate use in their respective classrooms.

Treaty Catalyst Teacher – Days Three and Four
The objective of these workshops is to give the teachers more exposure to First Nation Elders and their specific traditional teachings according to the signatories of Treaty.  The teachers work in small and large groups to review and share treaty resources with each other.  Topics of discussion include tips on facilitation and Q and A on specific contemporary issues and concerns.

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