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WA PA HA SKA: Whitecap Dakota First Nation
WA PA HA SKA: Whitecap Dakota First Nation

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The booklet is intended to inform and educate the students and teachers in the Saskatoon region on the history and culture of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. This First Nation has been a leader both provincially and nationally, in its alliances with public and private interest in areas of community development. As a result, this progressive First Nation plays a key leadership role in the evolving relationship between Canada and First Nations.

The inspiration for this document arose from the commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812. The Dakota and other First Nations played an important role in the Way of 1812 as British allies. Canadian history has not properly acknowledged the magnitude of this support.

However it would be impossible to understand the Whitecap Dakota First Nation today without knowledge of their past history. For that reason, this is more than a booklet about the War of 1812; this booklet outlines some key moments in the history of the Dakota Oyate (Nation).

This is not meant to be a comprehensive research document; rather, it is a compilation of academic and community-based research based on the guidance of Dakota Oyate Elders and Knowledge Keepers from the three Dakota First Nations of Saskatchewan: Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation, Wahpeton Dakota Nation and Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

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